Help!!  I think I just saw a ghost!!!

By: Hima Pandya on January 28th, 20110 comments. View Comments

I'm watching fashion police and I'm MORTIFIED by all of these A list stars w/ severe flashback in their pictures!! Their bodies are a gorgeous bronze and then their faces are ghost white. Hello makeup your job and protect your clients from this!!!

Lesson Learned? If you know you're going to be in pictures, STAY AWAY from glitter, shimmer, and mineral foundations and powders as your base. Use these tools as an accent to your look.

I hate to push for higher priced products but they do a good job of using more pure products. Also make sure your foundation is good for what you're dressed for. Titanium dioxide is used in products that have SPF protection; SO important for your day time wear but at night its not necessary (especially if you're going to be taking a lot of pics of your night out on the town). Titanium dioxide does an excellent job of reflecting the sun away from your face. When a bright flash hits your face your makeup will do its job and reflect that light off of your beautiful face and BAM, you look like you're from a parallel universe. So how do you fix this? Use the base trilogy: Primer, Foundation, Setting Powder. Find a high quality primer (I love smash box) a high quality foundation (I love MAC studio fix) and a high quality setting powder (I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYX HD grinding powder).

Ladies, most of us are always looking at the price tag but what good is it doing you if you look like a ghost in all of your pictures? You're better of skipping the foundation (and you know what? if you've got fabulous skin the maybe this isn't such a bad idea!)

I'm kind of a rogue in the makeup artist community, I push for the idea that less is more. You're filling your pores w/ all of that makeup which in turn leads to more products to cover fill and decrease the lines on your face...from all the makeup you've used.

Be kind to your faces ladies!!


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