A true collaboration

By: Hima Pandya on August 11th, 20100 comments. View Comments

Today I had was a part of something so special. I got to collaborate with Lisa Michelle Photography and Miss Amy Pittsinger. The reason this was so special is Amy has always been behind the camera and this time she wanted to be on the other end. She got married earlier this year and never got her bridal portraits completed. So she picked Lisa and myself to be her vendors (me doing the make-up of course).

Lisa is incredible, she's so patient and just so sweet; it was just so much fun to watch her toy around with the camera and come up with these incredible results. I tagged along for the photoshoot and held up the external flash and was an extra set of hands. SO much fun!!

The best part was watching Amy and Lisa bounce idea's off of one another and learning things from the both of them as the night continued.

The look we decided to go with was a classic beauty. Her jewelery was all handed down from her Grandmother and Lisa was able to get her hands on a couple super sexy hair pieces/ bird cages. We had so much fun coming up with all these different looks.

On her eyes we used a thick black liner and a soft pallet for the shadow. The cheeks were really light and rosy and the for the lips we wanted a neutral dewy look. Airbrush foundation was used to cover up her tan lines and give a flawless look for her face.

Take a look at this beauty!!!


Have a great night everyone!!


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